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“What’s a Soulmate?” by Lindsey Ouimet (Review)

“What’s a Soulmate?” is a creative novel exploring the possibility of soulmates. Libby, our main character, lives in a world where from the day you’re born until you meet your soulmate, the world only consists of black, white and gray. It’s natural, right? Or it was until Libby met Andrew, her soulmate. Suddenly she was thrown into a world of color, her hair vividly red as her personality.

I personally found this book to be magical in its own way. The characters were well rounded in their development and not a detail was left unscathed. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the way the words flowed together. I as well enjoyed the detailed wording, it gave the book more feeling to it. It made the words flow off the page. All I truly didn’t enjoy is how Libby treats Beth within the novel. Beth is supposed to be Libby’s best friend but Libby can be very self-centered regardless of how her life is going. One more thing is just how the ending was, it was cute but I feel there could’ve been more detail and plot at the end.

“Maybe that’s why I’m here,” I say, realizing in this very moment what I’m about to say is the absolute truth. “To find out if you’re better than this.” 

There was a variety of emotions that created a bond absentmindedly between Libby and Andrew. While there is slow part encased within this book, it’s excellent in its own right. This book gives a different reality from ours.The atmosphere crafts this novel into a work of art, its detail oriented in a way. The world Libby lives in is similar and yet completely opposing to ours. This is a novel that will pull you in, I guarantee you that.

I very much so look forward to more from Lindsey Ouimet. I’m giving this a 4.4 out of 5 stars- I definitely recommend this to all those romantic people out there. You won’t regret picking this book up! Caio!


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