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Top 5 Tuesday – Releases of 2017

Welcome my dudes to the best-ish post you’ll ever read-

Hey y’all! This is a new segment that will be on my blog every Tuesday from now on. I’ve seen a ton of bloggers do these top 5 days and I really wanted to start one! So here we are, today we’ll be talking about releases of 2017!

All of these are my opinions so I hope they don’t upset anyone lol if they do I apologize in advance!

These are in no particular order, only the order in which I thought of them.

1. “Turtles All the Way Down” by John Green

OK, let’s be real y’all, you knew or at least assumed this novel would appear somewhere on this list BUT I didn’t think I’d put it on this list. I will make it clear not, I am NOT a John Green fan. I mean he’s a great guy I’m sure but his writing style has never been my thing. The reason this novel is on my list is that I enjoyed how he implemented mental illness into this novel. It made it a worthwhile read and I was able to get through it, I usually can’t finish his novels lol. For John Green fans, this, in my opinion, is one of his best novels so far!


2. “The Hate U Give” by Angie Thomas

This novel shook me. This was one of those reads that I couldn’t put down, it deals with the ideas of racism amazingly! For me, this novel brought into play some important topics that I normally avoid in the world. I enjoy believing that racism doesn’t still exist but it’s an important issue that needs a change. “The Hate U Give” reminded me of how our world is and frankly, it shines a different light on race and that’s really important!


3. “The Gentlemen’s Guide to Vice and Virtue” by Mackenzi Lee

This book was amazing, I had just read “My Lady Jane” prior to reading this and in my mind, they were both similar but amazing and different at the same time! I’ve been REALLY into historical fiction recently so I’m very biased about this novel. Hilarious is an understatement for this novel and the cover is fantastic. Originally, I had no intentions of reading this but I had a lot of people tell me it was amazing so I did. I have no regrets lol! If you enjoyed “My Lady Jane” go buy this book right now, you will not be disappointed, it just pulls you in and gives you a good laugh!


4. “Hunted” by Meagan Spooner

Beauty and the Beast is one of my all-time favorite fairy tales, be it the fabulous Disney version or the very grim Grimm fairy tales version, I love the premise of this particular fairy tale! So lemme tell you this, “Hunted” does an amazing job of retelling the best fairy tale of all time. Once again, slight bias, not towards the book but every other aspect of the books premise. While “Hunted” has its own little spin on the classic tale, the truth remains that this version of Beauty and the Beast is VERY similar to the Disney version of the tale. That part slightly bothered me at first but all around this novel was spectacular at bringing the tale to life!


5. “Eliza and Her Monsters” by Francesca Zappia

To be honest, I only picked up this novel because I’d heard it was similar to “Fangirl.” That’s quite literally my only excuse for reading this, but let’s be real fam, THIS WAS SO GOOD! This novel is one of those fantasies that artists have lol, they created a top webcomic and find the love of their dreams. I, at first, figured this would be a fluffy contemporary with no true plot but I was pleasantly surprised. I won’t go too in-depth on why I adored this novel as I believe it’s best to experience the joy for yourself!


Thank you for reading! I appreciate you taking the time to read this!



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“The Roanoke Girls” by Amy Engel (Review)

-Where to start, oh where to start?- Well, I loved it!

-Questions life for a few seconds-

OK, let me start by saying that I absolutely adored this book. It shines a light on an important subject uniquely, though there’s a large trigger warning in this. Or well, the topic of Suicide is addressed in this novel.

Onto the review! This novel takes place in Kansas where we meet two girls, Lane and Allegra. This family was very dysfunctional, even disturbing… The Roanoke’s share dark secrets that had gone back generations. Although this, Allegra doesn’t mind, in fact, can be seen as happy to retell the secrets of what happened to previous Roanoke girls to Lane. Like any reasonable person, Lane decided to leave and never go back to the family farm in Kansas. But like all happiness in novels, it didn’t last. I didn’t know how to feel about this twist.

Eleven years go by and Lane is forced to return when she receives a phone call from her grandfather stating Allegra had gone missing.

-GASP, oh no! How could things go wrong after eleven years you ask? Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z!-

Allegra was the only Roanoke girl to not leave…

That’s all the plot, for now, folks- I really enjoyed this book, it put a differing perspective onto how our world is today and how life can be for others. Amy used spectacular descriptive elements and as usual, I found that to be beautiful. Although I won’t deny that the beginning of the book didn’t really catch my attention that well, but once I was about I’d say 35 pages in I was hooked.

I really would recommend this book, it’s a very emotionally involved book which made me love it that much more. The triggering issues were written in a way you could read the story and feel the characters emotions on a more personal level.

I’m giving this novel 4.3 out of 5 stars! Caio!

Also, thank you for Blogging for Books for sending me this copy to review! This in no way affected my opinion of the novel.