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“My Lady Jane” by Cynthia Hand, Brody Ashton, and Jodi Meadows (Review)

Lady Jane Grey or Dudley as known throughout history was queen for nine days following her cousin’s abrupt death. “My Lady Jane” is a comedic retelling of this very tale in history except there’s a few twists and turns. In the novel, there are two types of people; the edians and the verities. Edians have the ability to turn into animals which upsets the verities. This will come into play the majority of the plot.

When Edward finds out he’s sick, he gets worse and worse. Lord Dudley told him to make Jane the queen, sounds great right? Wrong. This occurs around the time when he also has Edward marry Jane off to his son Gifford. Gifford is an edian without control of his power and Jane, this is something y’all book lovers can relate to, she loves to read! Their relationship slowly builds up as Jane really didn’t want marriage. She’d begged Edward not to marry her to Gifford.

This book is a fantastic retelling. The comedic aspects of the novel were amazing. Personally, I love historical fiction so that also played a major part in my love for the novel. I mean, it’s set in the 1500’s! My main concern heading into this novel though was the hype. I don’t know what it is about me but generally, I don’t like retellings. Retellings are the kind of make it or break it genre in the book community but really I ended up loving this! Honestly though, the comedy is ever so slightly repetitive but personally, I didn’t mind.

This novel brought history to life, well more or less, the fact is that this novel did follow the majority of the true tale of Lady Jane Grey. In fact, I never dreamed I’d end up reading this novel. The characters grow so much throughout the novel, it’s a precious thing to be able to watch them grow in relationships. Jane and Gifford have that special love we all are looking for in life.

Finally, I adored this novel and can’t wait for the next novel in the series, “My Plain Jane”! “My Lady Jane” is now one of my favorite books, if you ever see it, pick it up and you won’t be disappointed. You’ll find you’re on the edge of your seat the entire read! I’ll be giving this a 4.2 out of 5 stars! Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!

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“Out of the Easy” by Ruta Sepetys (Review)

OK, so y’all know the drill so let’s get right into this beauty!

I was a tad uneasy (see that amazingly lit pun) about starting this book as I’ve read previous historical fiction novels by Ruta. Her previous books were so amazing and her imagery was spectacular. And yet, this novel to me was equally amazing.

This novel begins while Josie is young after just moving to New Orleans with her mother, a brothel prostitute in the French Quarter. Josie is a spunky girl who ends up working for the owner of the brothel named Willie. Josie lives in the top of a bookstore she works at and dreams of going to college. She dreams of escaping the name her mother gave her.

I genuinely enjoyed this novel although it had a few minor quirks. One of my main issues is with Sepetys writing style as a whole… She ALWAYS kills my favorite characters. Now as this is a spoiler free review, I won’t state who dies and who lives. But as always people slip up sometimes. But one of the best parts of this novel was the plot line since it’s a murder mystery and let’s face it, those are some of the finest novels y’all could ever read as a whole (or at least in my opinion)!

If it weren’t for the fact that Josie is a true representation of living and breathing in a book lovers paradise, she may not have been my all-around favorite character in this book. But ya know, she lives in a bookstore and has access to all she could ever want to read. For most of us, that’s a paradise and a half.

As always, Sepetys presents a beautifully outspoken writing style that honestly, I aspire to have. This is a fully developed novel that I truly recommend. It will keep you on your toes throughout the entire novel.

I’ll be giving this novel a 4.3 out of 5 stars! Thank you and have a fabulous day my dudes!

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“Salt to the Sea” by Ruta Sepetys (Review)

This novel was one of the most beautifully written historical fiction books I’ve read in the recent months. Sepetys’ doesn’t and hasn’t ever shied away from topics from World War 2 as previous Young Adult authors have done in the past.

I absolutely adored every aspect of this novel. It started slow introducing the four main characters. During this novel, all four people are given their own perspectives and personalities thrown into the near end of the World War. They all have their part but it takes about 80-90 pages until all their paths truly start staggering together. This novel is for people who want a rather historically accurate novel about the lives of people all other Europe during the war.

The writing is the equivalent to Ruta’s best novel so far, “Between Shades of Grey,” which I’ve previously reviewed. Her writing connects you with the characters. Ruta will have you crying by the end of the novel guaranteed. The emotions creeping up and will encase you whole. Her words are delicately placed upon the pages. Should you not read this book, at least read one of her other books!

The only thing I disliked about this novel is the timing and speed of the read. This book won’t get to the true start until around page 70. Given the fact that it’s makes up for in character descriptions and background knowledge, I was able to push through the pain of the slow beginnings but if you can’t handle slow starts to books, you most likely won’t make it through the beginning of this novel. It’s entirely worth is to push through it though.

All in all, I’d completely recommend this novel! I’ll be giving it 4.3 out of 5 stars. If you like historical fiction novels, no matter the slow beginning, this novel will change your perspective on life! Have a good day!

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“What’s a Soulmate?” by Lindsey Ouimet (Review)

“What’s a Soulmate?” is a creative novel exploring the possibility of soulmates. Libby, our main character, lives in a world where from the day you’re born until you meet your soulmate, the world only consists of black, white and gray. It’s natural, right? Or it was until Libby met Andrew, her soulmate. Suddenly she was thrown into a world of color, her hair vividly red as her personality.

I personally found this book to be magical in its own way. The characters were well rounded in their development and not a detail was left unscathed. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the way the words flowed together. I as well enjoyed the detailed wording, it gave the book more feeling to it. It made the words flow off the page. All I truly didn’t enjoy is how Libby treats Beth within the novel. Beth is supposed to be Libby’s best friend but Libby can be very self-centered regardless of how her life is going. One more thing is just how the ending was, it was cute but I feel there could’ve been more detail and plot at the end.

“Maybe that’s why I’m here,” I say, realizing in this very moment what I’m about to say is the absolute truth. “To find out if you’re better than this.” 

There was a variety of emotions that created a bond absentmindedly between Libby and Andrew. While there is slow part encased within this book, it’s excellent in its own right. This book gives a different reality from ours.The atmosphere crafts this novel into a work of art, its detail oriented in a way. The world Libby lives in is similar and yet completely opposing to ours. This is a novel that will pull you in, I guarantee you that.

I very much so look forward to more from Lindsey Ouimet. I’m giving this a 4.4 out of 5 stars- I definitely recommend this to all those romantic people out there. You won’t regret picking this book up! Caio!